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Traveling alone


I just read pros and cons of traveling alone. Since I believe that some of those pros are cons and cons are pros, let me make my own list.

  • I don't need to adjust my plans to anyone. No one will disagree with me.
  • No one complains, that we're lost. No one questions my choices, doubts my orientation skills, asks me if I'm sure where I am going.
  • No one is hurrying me. No one drags me to museums that don't interest me.
  • If I encounter a problem, I have to solve it myself. Mine is the blame, and mine is the credit. I do things my way.
  • Easier to go somewhere for just a weekend. Easier to find cheaper tickets.
  • No one to share. To share the view, risks, fun, memories, tastes, smells, all of those feeling.
  • No one to share expenses.
  • Sometimes it's hard to find accommodation for single person. Or I have to pay double/twin room price anyway.
  • Sleep all day, cancel plans - that is disadvantage really. No one motivates me, I just stay in the same place. When I am with someone else, I'm not even tempted to cancel plans or return.
  • It's always me, who has to do the talking.
  • I hardly ever get myself in any photos.
Truth is, I travel mostly alone. It's hard to find someone who has the time and will, to go places that I go. Yet I always miss having some friend as my travel companion.

Image by Varun Suresh, Creative Commons license.

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