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CEPS 2007

The CEPS - Cultural Envoy Preparation Seminar.
CEPS was unusual conference. Not just the smallest one, that I've ever been. It will be one of the most memorable. I think it's because of the delegates. The advantage of small seminar is, that we all got to know everybody quite well. Not just because of the sessions. During the nights we have integrated even more :) The place in Chęciny hasn't have this kind of fun for some time now. What surprises me the most, is that much more people in AIESEC Poland are planning to go for CEED abroad. Still only 9 delegates came. Of course this conference is not compulsory. Maybe it should. I invested lot of time in preparation of CEPS. I might not have time to prepare people in my LC, if they didn't find time to come to the conference. Especially, that it couldn't possibly be closer. Still, it is worth to give 100% of yourself, even for 9 people. Why this conference will be most memorable? It was different. With 16 people the work is easier. The team gets really integrated. You get to know your delegates. Everybody gets involved. And you can feel special.


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