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Triple goodbye party

This will be a story of my goodbye party(-ies).
Monday Went to my old workplace. I wanted to see my boss to give him back the books for Spanish. And he told me about the Christmas dinner at reastaurant in the evening. I didn't miss last chance to see my coworkers and say goodbye. Especially, that food was great (it was some oriental chinese-or-something restaurant). The amazing thing was, although I was sitting at Spanish speaking table, I was talking with people all time. In Spanish! Tuesday Trainee dinner. My "last supper" with my friends in Lima. We were 12 foreigners, everybody prepared something from their country. I prepared ruskie pierogi. This was good idea, but next time I will know what to do to make them better. See some of the pictures here. And read more about on Szymon's blog. Wednesday Goodbye party. That was my last party in Pipas. Last and unforgetable, with all my friends present. Most of them signed my shirt, that I got from Sandra (see below). Thank you all for being there!


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