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Peru - different food

Peru is a country of great diversity. With over 1.2 million sq km, it has such different parts as coast (Costa), mountains (Sierra) and jungle (Selva).
Today one of my coworkers has a birthday. And this is the reason why we all went to a restaurant, that serves very typical food from southern part of Peru – from Arequipa. This is sometimes too "typical" even for Limaños.
The food served is among others: pig’s feet, cow’s udder, bull’s testicles (very tasty indeed), and my personal favorite, the cuy. I must admit, it’s very tasty. Althought most Europeans wouldn't like to even think of eating that.
Chicha de jora
And drinks – one typical drink from that region (specially Cusco and Andes) is Chicha de jora which is made from maize. And after food you can drink anis. It’s stronger drink, similar to Turkish rakı or Greek ouzo. And the way you drink it – you get a small bottle (approx. 10 cl) that is circling at the table. And it should be finished with the last person. If not the bottle is not finished, or gets empty earlier, you need to order another round.
And of course the most typical one – pisco sour. But let me write about it another time.


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