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Dolomite Alps

Day 0 (Monday)

Still in Innsbruck. I finished packing my bags, said goodbye to everybody once more. When my parents arrived, we’ve put bags to the car and then I showed them around the city – at least the most touristy places, like Hofburg, Golden Roof, Maria-Theresien-Straße, river Inn, cathedral, Hofgarten, etc., etc.

Around 1.30 pm we left Innsbruck heading to Italy. Arrived in Südtirol in Toblach (Dobiacco). There was still time for a short warm-up trip up the creek to the stinking hut.


We’ve been sleeping in tent. First night was rainstorm. Fortunately, the shield has survived it.

Day 1 (Tuesday)

Tough Started cold. But as soon as sun got higher it got warmer. We two went to Monte Piano. It started with mixing the path. Until midday it got really hot and sunny. Dad tried to climb a shortcut, but he lost his grip on a stone and hurt his hand and cut finger. First sign.

Under top of Mt. Piano you can see remainings of Austrian bunkers from I World War, including this cannon position 270 meters long.

View from top is magnificent.

When we started to go down, it was just a beginning of the difficulties. We were stupid enough to ignore the sign saying that the path is closed. After half hour of walking down we saw why. Avalanche has taken the path. We should have tuned back, but no… We went on. It was very tough and very dangerous.

Day 2 (Wednesday)

After yesterday’s trip, this was ment to be an easier day. We went up the Misurina creek. This required crossing the creek several times - building bridges of stones and pieces of wood, trying (unsuccesfully) to keep water outside the shoes...

Day 3 (Thursday) Mixed weather In the morning it didn't seem, that weather is going to be bad. It was hot and sunny. As the time advanced and we got higher, it started to get colder and cloudier. It started to rain. Showering rain was all way to the top. Later in the afternoon, around 5 pm., weather got much better and with sun. And in the evening got rainy again.

Day 4 (Friday)

Rainy morning. We were getting up very slowly. It seemed like it's not gonna be any good trip. Around noon it got better enough to go for short trip, which was not finished because of comming rain (again). We decided to change place of stay on the next day.

Day 5 (Saturday)

In the morning we went to Cortina d'Ampezzo. Nice town, weather was also sunny. Walk around the town, some shopping. Later we went up, to Fazalerego pass. We tried to climb up, but it started not only to rain, but there was also hail falling.

Day 6 (Sunday)

Rain again. That's it! Decision to come back home. From 12 pm. to 9 am. next day, after over 1100 km, with just 3 hours of sleep in the night, passing 4 countries, I was finally home.

Day 7 (today)

Yes, finally home. And the thing I was missing the most - a hot tube. And good beer :)

Have a look at the pictures here. And put some comments if you want.

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