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National Konferenz

It finished. The 4 days of conference are over. After 14 hours of sleep I'm back in shape. I broke my record with 37 hours without sleep, sleeping together 6 hours in last 4 days. Conferences in Austria have something special, that I didn't find anywhere else. That amosphere, that "Stimmung", that is created by people - both facis and delegates. Somehow I feel strong connection to AIESEC in Austria and I don't want to leave so soon. Let's not forget the award that our EB team has won. The synergy award! Congratulations and Thank you, Team! And congratulations to Sandra, our leader, to her individual Leadership award! Always conferences make me think about my future. And after each of them I had a bit clearer view, what I want to do next. The same was this time. Thank you all, that made that conference so unforgetable:
  • Emma - the Chair (first time I had so much interaction with chair)
  • Facilitators from Austrian MC
  • Delegates from all Local Committees
  • Our OC Team.
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